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The Story Behind The Boy on the Bridge


Our recent collaboration with novelist Nuala Ellwood to help record explore and present her research and the creative process behind the writing of her upcoming novel The Boy On the Bridge’, funded by the Arts Council England grant ‘Time to Write’

Working with Nuala we helped make the initial application for her grant to help fund the research and development of her third upcoming novel ‘The Boy on the Bridge’.

The grant enabled Nuala to move her writing into a slightly new direction and to take the time to fully explore the central themes to the book. The booklet and supporting blog records early interviews, field research and Nuala’s initial inspirations and thoughts.

The story is centred around the mindset of a female war correspondent dealing with Post Traumatic Stress as her work takes its toll on her and she returns to her home town Herne Bay in Kent. In exploring the effects of Post Traumatic stress the novel questions ideas of perception, modern day lasting impact of survivors of war and how close to home this can be/ is.

Working closely with Nuala, Nick created a series of illustrations in response to the themes and key location of the book. The book was designed by Mark to help promote Nuala’s new book to the London Book Fair and will subsequently form the basis of supporting lectures and talks with Universities along with the further questioning of the themes in the press and supporting charities and organisations during the run up and after the launch of the novel.


Further information can be found on Nuala’s supporting blog