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Joining the Ends with Freedom Studios


Great to see our new book and latest collaboration with Freedom Studios fresh off the press… Joining the Ends, The Mill – City of Dreams – Click here to see a preview of the book.Joining the Ends commemorates Freedom’s fantastic production – The Mill City of Dreams, commissioned by imove. The book tells the story of the creative process, rehearsals and performance of this groundbreaking and widely praised promenade theatre production.

Nick also went along to a reunion of the Mill workers in the run up to the production, held at the Ukranian Club in Bradford, with his pencil and sketch book in hand. The drawings made on the day went on to be help create the image for production’s programme and as illustrations for ‘Joining the Ends’.

Many thanks to Madani Younis and Deborah Dickinson of Freedom Studio and to the photographers Tim Smith & Giuseppe Lambertino.